Recap: The Christian New Media Conference 2013

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Tickets will be available for 2014 soon

Date: Saturday 1st November 2014
Location: The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London
Tickets: On sale soon!

Suggest a speaker

For this year's Conference, we want to find the very best speakers our there to help inspire and equip everyone who attends. If you know an expert in their digital field, someone using new media in an innovative way, or just someone who has something to say that we should all hear, then fill in this quick form.

A look back at 2013: Reimagining Church

Old certainties and ways of operating have disappeared across business, education, entertainment and government. Those organisations that wish to thrive must reimagine how they serve and connect with people - or they lose relevance. The Church is no exception.

Through a mix of thought-provoking and practical sessions, together we reimagined what it means to be the Church in a digital world. That's Church with a big 'C', whether you represent a local congregation or denomination, are a blogger, work for a charity or are active online in any Christian context.

We were joined by a host of 30+ expert speakers, including Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Katharine Welby, Kate Bottley and many more. Through sessions on the theological issues involved, and expert practical advice, the conference catered for both beginners and the more experienced, and will do so again in 2014.


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